From the Director's Desk

Ananya Center is grateful for all the faith, love and good wishes, you have showered upon, for the last ten years. The center works with the 3 principles i.e.:

Philosophy:Ananya = Uniqueness. It believes that every individual is a unique personality, with unique features, with unique purpose in life.

Mission:Explore Yourself and Grow. It helps you to find out your own hidden potentials and strength. It empowers you with your uniqueness in all walks of life through self realization.

Values:Add meaning to your work. extend life to your years and give purpose to your life.

At one point of time, suddenly you start searching the answers of few questions which arises from within:

  • Am I Happy?
  • What am I doing?
  • What for I am here?
  • What sort of life I want?
  • What kind of End I want?
  • Will I have an enriched life till the end?

Ananya provides answers to these questions

It works on three dimensions:


Detoxify your life (through psychotherapies and relaxation techniques).


Helps to find your True Self (through psychometric tests and counseling)


Provide purpose of your life (works as a torch bearer)