Psychology Div. - Remedial Classes for Students

Our, psycho-diagnostic & counseling center "ANANYA" in Vapi, Gujarat is run by Mrs. Lavanya Patel, a renowned child and student Psychologist cum Counselor in Vapi. At Ananya, we have many programmes for students and children, out of many one of them is:

Remedial Classes

Remedial Classes

ANANYA center is a specialized, well equipped and trained center for Remedial classes.

Remedial Classes are specially designed for the students who are facing difficulty in studies like poor concentration, memory, bad handwriting, incomplete note books, indiscipline, hyperactivity, poor in spelling, grammar, punctuation and mathematics concepts.

We adopt multi sensory, playful and reinforcing approach in Teaching with Star chart (which leads in to monthly prizes).  Daily yoga, meditation, attention enhancing exercises, behavior therapy and games to develop brain cells which are the key factors to keep the studies interesting and result oriented. Also, a parent meet is held every month to  take the feedback about the students.